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The Governors of St Patrick's School appointed Mr Anthony Rush as Headteacher of St Patrick's with effect from 1st September 2003. Mr Rush is a proven and successful Headteacher, who previously worked at St Ignatius' School, Ossett.


The Catholic Church has always promoted the education of the young, In times gone by monasteries and Monastery Schools were often the only places of education and culture.
In 1820, penal laws against Catholics were lifted. We were free to have our own Bishops, own places of worship and establish schools.
Records show that a Catholic school commenced in Birstall as early as 1877. The school was built before the first Church (now the Parish Social Club) on Low Lane and parts of the original school building remain on the site.
The Sisters of St Paul, a teaching congregation, took charge of the school in 1894 and have maintained a presence ever since. The existing school building, with its pleasant green site, was built in 1965, was extended in 1974 and again in 1991 and 1993. The school now has, in addition to basic facilities, a Nursery Unit, a Library, a Resource Room and a Computer Room.


Our school is classed as a Voluntary Aided School. Under the 1944 Education Act it is enabled to remain faithful to its original Roman Catholic foundation, the instruments of government and trust place the educational enterprise in the Roman Catholic Christian setting.
The majority of Governors are known as Foundation Governors and are appointed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Leeds, Bishop Arthur.
Governors in turn, appoint all staff, both teaching and non-teaching, thus ensuring that all staff, especially teaching staff, fully support the Ethos, Mission Statement and distinctive nature of the Catholic School.
This ethos is not confined to the Religious Lesson and the daily Act of Worship, but permeates and reflects all that we say and do within the school, and, hopefully having some message of hope to offer to the wider community.


"The Governors declare, in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church and as stated in Vatican II documents, "the principal agencies for the education of children are first and foremost the parents, society, church and school", (in that order).
As a Catholic Aided Primary School we aim to serve the needs of the local Catholic community, and, where possible, the needs of our neighbours. We believe Christ to be at the centre of the learning process and thus we proclaim and promote the gospel message in all its fullness, sharing with the Bishops and Church's message to serve, to teach, to sanctify and to form a part of a worshipping community.
Therefore, all that happens in this school, the relationships, the aims, the curriculum, care and discipline are rooted and formed by our belief and by our Mission Statement.

"We recognise that every person has a divine origin and an eternal destiny. With this in mind we, at St Patrick's School, aim to provide a broad and balanced education that is rooted in the Catholic faith. Our children will be encouraged to live the Gospel values through all aspects of the Curriculum and the events in their daily lives. We seek to foster respect for the unique value and giftedness of each member of the school community and to prepare our children for life in the wide world of diverse cultures".

If you would like further information about St. Patrick's school, please contact:
The Headteacher
St. Patrick's Catholic School
Nova Lane
WF17 9LQ
Tel: (01924) 326747.